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Last Updated on August 30, You can never go wrong with a Weihrauch air gun and the HW90 certainly proves it. The HW90 delivers blasting power while retaining impressive accuracy. The fact that this gun still holds a place in the modern era and continues to compete with all the classics proves that this gun will not disappoint. The Weihrauch HW90 is a gas piston-powered gun. A gas-powered gun works the same as a spring-powered; however; in this case, the coiled spring in the chamber is replaced with a gas strut.

The air in the strut is already compressed and when the gun is cocked, more pressure is applied to it.

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The pressurized air is kept under tension until the trigger is pulled. When the gun is fired, the pellet is propelled downrange in the barrel due to the propellant force from the compressed air.

A gas piston rifle has no spring fatigue or spring torque, even if left cocked for hours. It provides you with smoother cocking and shooting with less recoil.

It also functions perfectly in low temperatures such as in spring time when metal springs might normally be affected by harsh weather conditions. Weihrauch HW90 air rifle has a caliber the internal diameter of the bore of 0.

Weihrauch HW90 is a break barrel gun. To cock it, you need to pull the barrel downwards while holding the gun upwards; insert the pellet and swing it back to its natural position. Break barrel guns give you unlimited shooting capacity. You can shoot thousands of rounds without worrying about running out of gunpowder. Also, the Weihrauch HW90 is a single shotgun, which means that you can only shoot one pellet at a time. Single-shot action gives you control over what type of pellet you want to shoot and how you want to shoot it.

Since it can hold three different types of calibers, Weihrauch HW90 produces ammo for each caliber: 0. This makes them cost-effective and suitable for plinking and target shooting.

They also produce more downrange knockdown power and have a more stable trajectory its path towards its target. This makes it suitable for field hunting and pest control.

hw90 20 cal

The 0. However; if you have larger critters like raccoons, you may notice a substantial difference in placement and range since 0.

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With a plain beech and beautiful varnish, the stock on the Weihrauch HW90 is a pure beauty. It has a well-rounded shape and includes a substantial pistol grip with pressed checkering panels. The butt has a nice subtle rubber recoil pad and the stock is comfortable on aim.

The Beech stock provides a lot of advantages. It is also a beautiful wooden texture, which provides a classic feel. The beech stock has a very nice finish as well as a nice uniform and gorgeous texture. The substantial pistol grip allows you better leverage on the gun. The raised cheek piece allows your eye to align with the scope while keeping your cheek firmly rested on the solid surface of the firearm for maximum stability.

The stock is ambidextrous, meaning both left-handed and right-handed folks can use it comfortably.It matched right up there with the Theoben gas rammers, and come to find out later Theoben had their hands in the making of the RX. Most complain about the weight and chunky stock, if buying new they are not cheap by any means.

Any Theoben ram is only meant to fire at what ever max velocity they state and not above! I love mine, too, lol. Then I made the mistake of loaning it to some guy, and he somehow scored up the fill hose off of the pump.

Really irked me at the time. So very accurate. I used to plug squirrels in flight as they jumped from tree to tree. As it was swinging around sideways, I dared him to hit it while swinging, and he did! Well I just bought the one that was on the GTA classifieds that probably got you thinking about them and noting that they don't sell.

A while back, somebody responded to a conversation I started on a forum gta I think that gas rams aren't as susceptible to power loss at high altitude as a piston gun powered by a spring. I dunno but I'm gonna find out when it gets here. The general consensus from reading old posts and asking a buddy who used to own an rx1: they're big, they're heavy, and they're accurate.

Sounds alot like my best field target gun and makes me realize I'll put up with just about anything if it comes with exceptional and consistent accuracy. Kinda like my Veteran, putting up with the ho-hum stock is worth the accuracy. Absolutely susceptible to altitude, it's the thinner air compressed in the compression chamber and it won't know if it's a spring or ram doing so. I think the incredible power of PCPs these days has kinda put all the magnum springer type guns on the back burner.

I for one have fell victim to the PCP craze the last couple years but I still love the simplicity of grabbing a gun some pellets and heading to the woods without all the stuff it take for the pneumatic guns. Beeman Crow Magnum from and I believe it was the last year for the beeman rebranding of the Theoben Eliminator. Especially since JSB has the new heavies in. If so, you got a beautiful rifle for a great price.

hw90 20 cal

I was hoping Don would hang on to it, just like marauders, lol.Overall rating: 5. Value for money: 5. Very Hard Cocking Effort, I weigh lbs. I used to bodybuild 14 years and it is still a grunt. I like that too.

weihrauch hw90k

Then trigger is awesome, field sights awesome. Sure you can get cheaper guns, but why? Step up men! This one is a keeper. Gorgeous top o the rack! I love my HW Things I would have changed : Include a break for more neighborly backyard practice.

The diagram in manual of cartoon man cocking gun easily should be removed It's misleading. It takes man sized strength. What others should know : In I purchased my first HW I waited quite a while for this gun since imports get tied up in customs. So if you love HW air guns it is well worth the wait. Make sure to use several layers of carpet and old blankets behind backstop to prevent any range errors.

I use the kodiak heavies, and jsb jumbo monsters and blow through most any target. Takes down the heavy rolled steel with ease, and flattens lead into stars and flowers shapes inside out. It will rock your world. You will never need another magnum air rifle after this experience. Overall rating: 1. Value for money: 1. Things I liked : I buy HW90 before 2 years. Things I liked : I enjoy the quality and the engendering.

Things I liked : Lot's of power. Well engineered. A little heavy but that's ok. Front site is fine.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread: My New HW Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Ed Ennis Guest. My New HW This is one heck of a rifle. I had emailed nanoshell regarding his R1.

I also had talked with both Craig and Kevin at Straight Shooters a couple times and the information from these three seasoned air gunners was a major part in the decision as to which rifle R1 or HW90 and caliber. There is no twang and the recoil is sudden. Accuracy is great. I could have sat and shot this rifle all morning but I had family obligations that called me away.

With degrees in the forecast for today, I took care of lawn work at my Aunts while the temp was still in the upper 80 degree range. Plus I figured I would use the afternoon to get in some more shooting while sitting under the shade trees in the pasture.

This afternoon the kids and grandkids came to cool off in the pool and to do some grilling. My nephews also came out to do some shooting with me. We sat the back stop up in the pasture at 30 yards as well as the Steel Plinkers Quadrant and Crow. The HW90 is one power house. Sawdust flew out of the frontal view of the paper target during a 5-shot group I worked.

Well with degrees outside what does a person do besides staying in the cool air conditioned house? You can toss a small water balloon in the water and Sadie will fetch it. If the water balloon slightly submerges, Sadie will duck her face under the water to fetch.

Heck of a dog. I have also included a few photos of the HW90 and the range area.

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Hope you enjoy! Even Sadie enjoyed a cool swim and fetch. The Verminator Guest. Re: My New HW Looks like you'll be needing your first. Xristos Guest. HW90 and 0. If i remember truth with Ambush Hunter Guest. Oh yeah Parallax Guest. I really shooting a gas ram too myself now, so smooth to shoot.

Customer Reviews for Weihrauch HW90 Breakbarrel

Enjoy that beauty!Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Ed Ennis Guest. When I cocked it I could tell something was definitely wrong; there was very little resistance. I contacted Straight Shooters and talked the problem over with Craig and as always, a positive solution was had. As soon as I arrived home, I installed the Hawke Airmax x40 AO scope with adjustable one piece mount, locked the mount down, grabbed my shooting bag and riser and was off to the back patio.

I set up my target back stop at approximately 35 yards. The rifle felt great through the entire shot cycle. I sighted her in - made a few clicks down and began printing paper to see if the HN Field Target Trophy's were still her favorite food. The groups looked good and considering I haven't shot the rifle in a while, I am proud of the groups.

The change in rise and side to side was my fault. I was a bit excited and grinning at how well the previous shot did that it caused me to mess up the next one. Oh well I can't help that - a smile feels better than a frown.

Here's a few photos of my HW90, the target, and my backstop. Happy Shooting!!! And thank you Straight Shooters!!! One more thing - The Coca-Cola sign hanging on the gate is off limits - my wife set that rule when her sister gave her the sign a few years ago. That's what I sang to my wife when she asked me what that noise was Parallax Guest. I bet it sure is cocking and firing sweet and Dave probably did a terrific job on that trigger. I've always heard Dave's trigger work is second to none.

Join Date Jan Posts 1, Craig and I have had RX-1's HW90 today for 13 years and it's still our go-to gun when we aren't testing something else. The gun's are a bit heavy but you have to have that weight due to the power of the gun. It's a winner!!! Originally Posted by Parallax. Hey Ed, glad to see you got that baby back. Originally Posted by KevinG. Ed Glad you're happy. When the gas are working good; then they're awesome no doubt. Colea Guest. Man if I had the money I would love to get a HW90!

Hope all is well and Happy shooting! Originally Posted by nanoshell.Before you shop around, keep one thing in mind - we know airguns because we ARE airgunners. Our sales and support teams make sure you get the right airguns, ammo and accessories for your needs.

And if anything goes wrong, we'll make it right. Plus, we do custom modifications and services you can't find anywhere else - all done by our team of trained airgun technicians.

Share your images. Refurb, Caliber:. Click here for details on refurb items. Earn Bullseye Bucks. Are you an airgun sleuth looking to pick up some free Bullseye Bucks? Pick up a variety of recommended pellets in the AMMO link. Unit Converter for Airgun Measurements. Create an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. Things I liked : I enjoy the quality and the engendering.

Things I liked : Lot's of power. Well engineered. A little heavy but that's ok. Front site is fine. Surely they can build a better rear sight that allows longer shots. Really a pain when your get the gun sighted in then the mount comes up. Only accurate with better open sights and scope mounting ability. Things I liked : After nearly nine years, I still have this gorgeous rifle. I had it resealed a few weeks ago. I think I made the first review on it up here back nine years ago. It still hits awesome.

I ended up using the JSB To me it was worth resealing. Some guys don't like this rifle, but I still shoot it daily. I can't even feel the recoil. I still recommend this rifle. I just ordered the HW80 in. I can hardly wait. Things I would have changed : When I first got this rifle, it was a grunt to cock.

My technique wasn't as smooth. Now, it's much easier when using a seated technique at the bench.Remember Me? Advanced Search. Forum General General Airgun. Opinions on the HW90 in. Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread: Opinions on the HW90 in.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Rapoo Guest. Anyone own a Weihrauch HW90 in. How good is this gun, especially accuracy?

Does it have preference for any particular brand of pellets? I already own two. JKOrrock Guest. I have a.

hw90 20 cal

Very accurate if you do your part. Tried the tin Exterminater pellets which also grouped well.

Velocity Test Results for the Weihrauch HW90

Needs to have a Dampamount to protect the scope! Pan pan Guest. What more can I say! Thoroughly enjoy shooting mine even just using the open sights who doesn't? I guess if you're going to lug it around all day long you might consider fitting wheels,a golf trolley or employ a servant to do the lugging!! Hi guys Good to hear from a couple of owners the HW90 in. Thanks for the warning about the weight, Charlie. I like the idea of a gas ram. So, I'm going to get me a.

I might be wrong but I think it's the only. I'm thinking of reducing the barrel to about 13" and bang a silencer on I hear the Logun would be good?